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Planet Culture

Our Core Values






Planet Financial Group views strong culture as a multi-faceted ideal, seeking both internal excellence through an organization of open-minded, collaborative creative individuals driven by client needs and industry innovation, as well as external impact in the form of community service and a commitment to sustainable global initiatives.
We view culture as both an internal and external ideal, seeking organizational excellence through open-minded collaboration, as well as positive impact through a commitment to our communities.

Planet of Peers


Women in Leadership

We strive for a truly representative leadership team, believing that with gender diversity we’ll have the full view of the human experience so critical to reaching full potential in such a personalized industry.


Inclusive Environment

We are a company committed to ensuring every voice is heard, believing that listening and acting on truly diverse perspectives bring the best results.


Growth From Within

We are deeply invested in the success of our employees, believing that healthy growth can be found through supporting committed individuals who truly understand and want to be a part of our mission.

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What makes Planet unique